Germany Mission Team

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Enemy has to Leave

There was this one song that our dance team performed called Your Great Name by Natalie Grant and it soon became our "Battle Song". Whenever the enemy was trying to stop what were doing we would always start dancing this song...and let me just say...the Devil did NOT like this song! Everytime it was danced, something would go wrong. [the time with the speakers...guess what song we were trying to play]. Once in at Alexanderplatz the girls had begun to dance this song and out of no where this man comes out to the girls (while they are dancing) and starts mocking them and dancing around them, but he always went around them as if he couldn't break into the circle. Well there is a part of the song that goes "The enemy, he has to leave at the sound of your great name," and at that this man starts running around their dance circle screaming "Scientology! Scientology!" Our leader Cedric stood in front of him and said "I rebuke you devil in the NAME OF JESUS!" and Immedietly this man stood straight up and saluted. and while Cedric and some other adults began to pray this man could not move as if something was holding him in place. When the dance had finished the man apologized and in a whole different voice said "I'm so sorry, I never act like that I don't know what came over me." and then he asked for more information about Jesus. God - 2 Devil - 0

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